Science at Long Lee

Science Ambassadors

Alongside Mr Williams and Miss Loud, the Science Ambassadors have a role within school of upholding our school's strong view of Science being an important subject at school!

They will have fortnightly meetings with Mr Williams and Miss Loud and will talk about the Science that is being learnt in school and we will post pictures of the work that we have been doing!

The Science Ambassadors from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 are:

Zoe Haggo & Phoebe Jones (4 Rowan)

Kaya Mendica & Ronnie Rigby (4 Elm)

Ellis Thackrah & Charlotte Shaw-McNulty (5 Maple) 

Eva Carter & Izaan Hussain (5 Ash)

Conner Barnes & Abby Deakin (6 Oak)

Haaris Mahmood & Ellie Silvester (6 Hazel)

Year 4 Rowan and Year 4 Elm

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Year 5 Ash and Year 5 Maple

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Year 6 Hazel and Year 6 Oak


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