At Long Lee we are lucky enough to have our own Spanish classroom. Mrs Hiles teaches Spanish to all the classes in years 3, 4, 5, and 6. The document below provides some information about what the children learn about in Spanish. 


Language Leaders 2017

On Wednesday 14 Year 9  students from Parkside school visited Long Lee to teach language games to Year 6. The students had created their own games & resources in either Spanish or French. There were 6 different stations and our pupils enjoyed a different language learning activity at each one. Our pupils enjoyed the games and were really enthusiastic throughout. Well done Year 6!

Many thanks to the student at Parkside too for their fun games!

Spanish Carnival Day - Wednesday 21st June

Well done to everyone who took part in this years Spanish Day. The theme this year was 'Carnival' and all the children looked amazing, dressed in vibrant colours. All children had been asked to create a mask to wear on the day and the quality & creativity was outstanding. Children tasted South American foods in the taster cafe and tried Salsa dancing. The day started with a carnival themed dance, courtesy of Cusan Theatre Productions, followed by each year group in KS2 singing a song in Spanish. Children also enjoyed a South American themed school dinner. Mrs Hiles would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved. The quality of the masks was so impressive. A big thank you to everyone!!

Yr 5 have also been learning to describe themselves in Spanish in terms of their size, hair & eye colour & style. Pupils in year 5 Ash, each chose a famous person to describe in Spanish. Please see the picture below of the display board with their work presented. 

Famous people

Year 6 have been writing about a famous person of their choice in Spanish. They have used their languages skills to describe their chosen person in the 3rd person, for example 'He is called Sergio Ramos. He has blue eyes' etc. Please see a picture below of their lovely mini-people.

Very exciting news!!

We now have a link school in Spain. The school is situated in Teruel in the Aragon region of Spain. We have received letters from the Spanish children and Year 6 are going to reply to these letters in Spanish. Please see the photo below of some of the letters received.  

These are some pictures of our Yr 6 children receiving their letters from Spain. Very exciting!

Years 4 & 5 have been learning some food vocabulary in Spanish and have written a display piece giving their opinions on certain foods. Please see the image of the display board below and also some examples of the beautiful writing the children have produced. I am really proud of them!

Year 3 have been learning their colours in Spanish. Here is a video of Year  3 Beech singing a song in Spanish to help them remember the colours

Years 4 & 5 have been learning body parts in Spanish and how to match adjectives to the body part (noun) they are describing. They used their knowledge of adjectives to describe snowmen. Please see some of their work below.

Year 3 have the opportunity for Manuel the Spanish bear to come home with them after Spanish. Each week Senora Hiles is on the look out for a star pupil in Spanish and that pupil can take home the special Spanish bag. Inside the bag are lots of  little card games for children to play at home and share with their family.

Years 4 & 5 have been writing monster descriptions in Spanish. They have learnt 7 face parts in Spanish and have been adding colour adjectives to describe their monster heads. The pupils had to remember that the adjective comes after the noun in Spanish & has to match it.

The Spanish classroom at Long Lee.

Spanish Day at Long Lee

Our first Spanish Day at Long Lee was a huge success. Pupils came to school wearing red & yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag. The children had made & decorated their own bunting with symbols of Spain to decorate the hall. Pupils were given a workshop in Flamenco dancing, learning some basic steps and clapping techniques. There was also a Spanish cafe where pupils could try some typical Spanish tapas dishes. In between all the activities, pupils were busy doing Spanish style artwork in the style of Picasso & Gaudi as well as learning facts about Spain and Spanish festivals. It was wonderful to see so many happy, smiling faces throughout the whole day.

Useful websites for learning & practicing Spanish at home


There are also lots of fun Spanish activities on Purple Mash. You can access the Purple Mash resources by going to the Kids Page on the Long Lee website.