Welcome to Year 4 Rowan Tree Class!

Class Teacher: Mr G Williams
Classroom Support: Mrs M Sharp 

FRIDAY NEWS (16th June)

Over the last one-and-a-half weeks, Year 4 have started to look at coordinates in Mathematics by using the x and y axes to find the exact position of a point. In English we have been looking at instructional texts and have unpicked what we need to find in an instructional text, such as imperative words which give someone an order to do something. We have also tasted Greek foods as a hook into our next piece of writing which will be writing an instructional text for making a Greek salad, with a wider focus on our World Wide Learning topic, the Ancient Greeks. We have also made a start on identifying states of matter in Science; these are Solids, Liquids and Gases.

This week's Pupil of the Week is........     Izaan Hussain

Pupils of the Half Term are... Izaan Hussain and Abdul-Moizz Rashid

The Pupil of the Term is...     Chloe Simms

Term 1 VIPs: William Wrench, Laaibah Imran and Isaaq Ali

Term 2 VIPs:  Eva Carter and Tegan Gooderick

Term 3 VIPs: Aamina Nazir and Harvey Hobson

Pupils of the year....   Eva Carter and Daniel Crossley!

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Year 4 Rowan - Forest School Pictures

PE and Swimming Timetable

Below is a timetable of when we have Swimming and PE in 4 Rowan. Please can you ensure that your child has their swimming kit with them on a Monday and their PE kit on a Tuesday.