This page has website and activity ideas to help you practise and learn maths.

If you have set up Class Dojo, make sure you upload your work - we love seeing what you're learning at home! If you aren't on Class Dojo yet, please ask your adults to email your teacher and we can get your account set up. 

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths are continuing their Home Learning lessons. Every day, a new lesson will be added with an activity sheet and a video to support the learning. Follow the link below to find the Year 5 lessons.

The image below is a link to the Times Tables Rockstars website. Make sure you're going on and practising your tables regularly. 


 There is a 5 Ash vs 5 Maple Battle of the Bands starting on Tuesday 21st April at 9am. The winning class will be the class that has earned the most coins before the battle finishes on Tuesday 28th April at 3pm. Good luck!

These booklets have activities to support you practising your Maths Passport targets.

 ILL Africa.pdfDownload
 ILL Antactica.pdfDownload
 ILL Asia.pdfDownload
 ILL Australasia.pdfDownload
 ILL Globe Trotters.pdfDownload
 ILL North America.pdfDownload
 ILL South Africa.pdfDownload
 ILL South America.pdfDownload
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