World Wide Learning

Our new topic this half term is called Trouble at t'mill and is about Victorians.

Could you do your own research about Victorians? You could make a fact sheet, poster or even a PowerPoint! 

Make sure you send your completed work to us on Class Dojo. We love seeing your work! If you aren't set up on Class Dojo yet, ask your adults to email your teacher (the email addresses are on the letter you were given on the last day) and we can get you set up.

David Hockney Art

Our art this half term is based on the artist David Hockney. 4 of his paintings are below. Can you find out the names of these paintings and the year they were painted?

Then choose your favourite! We would love you to practise your art skills by re-creating one of these pictures. You could use paint, coloured pencils or any other art materials. Make sure you put pictures of your work on our Class Dojo portfolio. When we have some examples on Class Dojo, we'll choose some to put on this page too!