Year One


Hello everyone! 

The Year 1 team are missing you!

We hope you are staying safe at home and continuing your learning where possible. 

Down below are resources you can access to help with this.  New activities will be added in subjects. Please scroll through the page to find the different subjects and work to do.

Remember to also join us on Class Dojo where any activities/work can be uploaded.  

If you are not signed up and would like to be, you can contact us on the emails given on the newsletter, which is found on the home page of our website.

We hope to see you soon!

Miss Brearley & Mrs Tretton 


Our upcoming topic is 'How does your garden grow?' 

Our English lessons would have been focusing on the fiction story 'Oliver's Vegetables' focusing on the days of the week and retelling the story.

You can watch the story via the link below:


Can you put the pictures of Oliver's Vegetables in order?

In Year 1, we use colourful stories to help us with planning our writing. 

Can you fill in the colourful story for Oliver's Vegetables? You can also draw pictures to help you. 

Did you enjoy Oliver's Vegetables?

Can you write a book review for the story? 

We would love to hear about your favourite part of the story! 


As you may be aware, children in Year 1 would normally complete a Phonics Screening check in the summer term, however due to the current situation, this will not be taking place.

It is very important to keep practising phonics at home as this helps with decoding words, word recognition, reading fluency and also spelling.

There are now some online phonics lessons supported by English Hubs which will often be introduced by a celebrity or children's TV presenter to make it more fun/interesting!
At Long Lee Primary School. we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics scheme, which is also the scheme these videos follow.

Attached below is a letter explaining how you can access these lessons.
They begin on Monday 27th April and will be at 10.30am every Monday-Friday.
Make sure you are following 'Year 1 Summer Term'.
Hope this helps with practising phonics at home.


Please find below phase 2, 3, 4 and 5 phonics sounds...


Below are some resources to support with Maths at home. You can also practice Maths Passports targets at home which are as follows:


Count reliably with number 1-20 

Place numbers 1-20 in order 

Say 1 more than any number between 1 and 20

Say 1 less than any number between 1 and 20


Count in 2's, 5's and 10's consistently, forwards and backwards

Know by heart all number bonds to 10 

Recall the doubles of all numbers to at least 10

These targets can also be found in the back of the school diary. 




White Rose Maths are offering free online lessons for you to access at home. These consist of a short powerpoint (lesson) followed by an activity for your child to complete. 

Simply go to: 

'Home Learning' 

Year 1

Week 1

You can work through each activity/lesson from there. 


Attached below are some World Wide Activities you can do at home. 

There is also a 'Pick and Mix' for you to choose your own activities you would like to do. 

Finally there is a list of 100 things you can do whilst staying safe at home! 


This term we would be looking at Plants and their growth. Can you order the growth of a plant?

Science - Weather

Please tap on the picture below to access Science lessons.

Or visit

click on 'Subject', 'Year 1', 'Foundation' then scroll down to the Science lessons.

Please upload any pictures onto Class Dojo.

Nature Walk

Enjoy the open air and unlimited outdoor exercise to complete these activities. We would normally do these if we were in school.

  • Journey stick
  • Nature Bracelet
  • Oak National Academy looking at different artists.


Please find below the Common Exception Words and some High Frequency Words for Year 1.

Spelling Games

Click on the 'Spelling Frame' image to access spelling games to practice phonics and Year 1 spellings. It's good fun!