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Creative writing ideas - 'The Lighthouse!'


Watch the video in the link below and you can produce any of the following pieces of writing - the choice is yours! 

  • a storyboard of the key events in the video
  • a newspaper report of the story
  •  write the story descriptively in your own words



Descriptive story writing!

Use the image below to inspire your creativity - remember to include all the grammatical features we've been learning (parenthesis, relative clauses, colons and semi-colons).


Think about these key questions: Where is this? Where does it go to? How would you feel travelling along here?


Challenge: can you include some of our common exception words in your writing? (these are in your school diaries and also as a document below).

Reading activity!


Have a go at the activity below using the extract from 'The Snow-Walker's Son'. 

Challenge: can you write your own questions for the text using your knowledge of the reading roles? (these are attached as a document below).


Why not have a go at challenging yourself with our writing activity below...

'There is a wizard in my potting shed!'

Write a creative story for us using the information and images below.  Remember to use all the grammatical features that we have been learning!