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Important things to read


Please remember to provide your child with the following to support their learning at school:

  • Wellington boots
  • All-in one waterproofs
  • Water bottle
  • P.E kit ( navy shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps)
  • School book bag
  • Coat (as we can be outside most of the day)



 Thank you

The Reception Team

Reading Books are changed on a Tuesday

Please remember to write a comment in your child's reading diary indicating you have read with your child. Please try your best to read with your child 3 times a week as this supports their development throughout the literacy strands.

Thank you for your continued support.


Please remember to upload pictures of anything you do at home that your child might want to share. We share tapestry experiences with the class on a Monday afternoon during our story time. The children love sharing stories with their peers!

P.E is on a Tuesday. Please remember to bring your P.E kit, Thank you.

Our Gem's of the week this week are...



The children in Reception enjoyed a trip to ‘The Rainbow Factory’ to help us develop our story telling skills and our drama skills. We read lots of traditional tales that had alternative endings and even made some salt dough characters! 

The children in Reception enjoyed a trip to the library and the space area today to investigate the different features of fiction and non- fiction texts.


It was lovely to see so many parents looking at their child’s learning journal with them tonight after school. It was great to celebrate the progress they have made since the start of the year and have a biscuit or two! Thank you for coming :)

From Miss Loud

15/03/19 Comic Relief

Today we helped to raise money for comic relief. The children enjoyed dressing up in red clothing and helping to raise money by attending our comic relief fun day in the hall.

01/02/19 Exploring the snow


The children enjoyed exploring the snowy playground today. They had a competition to see who could throw a snowfall the furthest up the wall.

Our daily run

The children take part in a 5 minute run on a daily basis to increase the amount of outdoor physical activity and to support the development of listening and attention.

Both Reception classes have earned 5 class rewards each so far. We took a vote and the majority of the children decided they wanted Ice-cream as their treat! 

We have introduced a new and exciting reading area in our outdoor classroom. The children have enjoyed sitting on the toadstools to share stories with their peers and have used our colourful story display to help them identify the characters in their story.


The Year 1 children have been working extremely hard on their storybooks. They have re-written the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this half term. Year 1 came into Reception today to share their stories with the children. Both year groups had a fantastic time.

Well done Year 1!

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