British Values

On Friday 24th June , Long Lee Primary School children in year four remembered WW2 with some events.
In classes 4 Rowan and 4 Elm we started doing an enterprise project and decided Armed Forces day was a good opportunity to sell some world war 2 food. The classes decided to bake rock cakes for the school and made about 400!
Although the children remembered Armed Forces day on the 24th, the classes baked the rock cakes on the 23rd. To bake the rock cakes the children had to purchase ingredients with the money they earned doing their last enterprise and they had approximately £45. With the money, they bought butter, flour, currents, eggs, sugar, milk, baking powder and vanilla essence. 
The children distributed the food by splitting into groups and taking the food on trays to each class. 
On WW2 day the children didn't just sell the cakes, they did a range of activities such as: finger knitting, selling the cakes, watching Carries War and having a WW2 dance lesson lead by Gabriella.
Abigail from one of the classes said that it was all so good that she couldn't choose her favourite activity.
We are all very happy to say that year four raised a massive £95 in total which has been a success.
Written by Gabriella Baglio (Year 4 pupil)