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30 April 2021 (by Nicola Watts (n.watts))

Please read the following information, which includes the link for reporting obstructing and nuisance parking issues.

As I'm sure you are all aware the situation with the traffic on Cherry Tree Rise seems to be getting worse again. This is with cars parked inconsiderately on bends or blocking people's drive ways, driving dangerously by mounting the kerb, being impatient and driving at speed or being verbally aggressive towards other drivers. It absolutely shocks and horrifies me that members of our school community or the wider community can behave in such an inconsiderate and mindless way. Last week a car actually bumped into one of our pupils. It was a complete accident and the driver was not at fault. Luckily it was only a very minor bump and the child was not injured at all and nor was the driver, just very badly shaken up. It potentially could have been so much worse!
If you come to school via a taxi company please speak to them about the issues we have and encourage them to drive and park with consideration.
Please can we all think about each other and the health and safety of all our school community.

I have been in talks with the Highways department from the Council to see what we can do. These things take time but he is looking into various options. In the meantime, please could I ask that you use the following link to report any incidents on the roads around school. I think the more complaints they receive can only help our cause and may help them to take action sooner.


This online form is designed solely for the reporting of nuisance / obstructive parking issues - and not yellow line offences or parking bay restrictions.

Many thanks for your support with this ongoing issue.