To Mainstream School:

From September 1997, in accordance with the LEA’s Admission Policy, there has been one main intake, i.e. in September.   Parents and new admissions are invited one morning in June to look round the school and meet the staff.   All children from the Nursery class spend several sessions in their “new” classes before entering mainstream school.

For more information, please click the link below.

Bradford Schools Admissions

Parents are informed that they should contact the LA to find out more about admissions to Community schools as Long Lee follows LA guidelines.


To Nursery:


At Long Lee Primary School children are offered 15 hours of free nursery provision, funded by the government.  This is available for all children from the term following their third birthday, subject to available places. For the academic year 2019-2020, we will be offering a number of 30 hour places.


Option A     Mornings only

Option B     Afternoons only

5 morning sessions 8.30 – 11.30

5 afternoon sessions 12.15 – 3.15




*Option C     30 hours – Full days all week

Monday 8.30 – 3.15

Tuesday 8.30 – 3.15

Wednesday 8.30 – 3.15

Thursday 8.30 – 3.15

Friday 8.30 – 3.15


*There will be a small charge of £4 each day for the lunchtime cover, for which you would be required to supply a packed lunch or alternatively you can pay 1/2 termly in advance for school meals. In the event of absence, sickness or holidays refunds will be deducted from the bill for the following term.

Changes to Our Nursery Day

From September 2018, there will be a change to our Nursery session times.

Mornings 8.30am to 11.30 (this will not include a lunch break)

Afternoons 12:15pm to 3:15pm (this will not include a lunch break)

All day 8.30am to 3:15pm (this will include a lunch break from 11:30am to 12.15)

At our Nursery your child will benefit from a stimulating and caring environment. Children learn best when they are having fun so we aim to ensure that every child enjoys their time in our Nursery and looks forward to coming to school each day.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is available for all our children at a cost of £2.50 per session payable on a weekly basis. This begins at 8.00 am and children should be brought to the main school office. At 8.30 am the children will be taken up to Nursery by a member of staff, ready to begin their session in Nursery. Please indicate on the acceptance slip which days, if any you would require.


Children can have a school meal, bring a packed lunch and drink or go home for lunch. If they wish to change lunchtime arrangements, they can do so at any time. On some days there is a Halal option which can only be chosen if a Halal Option form has been filled in (available from the school office).

Please send all dinner money (at present £1.70 per day - £8.50 per week) on a Monday morning in a named envelope and place in the drop box which is situated in the Main Office.

What to do Next?

The following steps need to be followed should you wish your child to attend our Nursery:

  1. Contact the School Office on 01535 603986, to register your child as requiring a place at Nursery for a particular academic year, indicating which option your child would require. No further action is needed by parents and carers at this stage.
  2. Parents/carers are then informed if a place is available in Nursery for their child the half-term after the child’s 3rd You will then receive an agreement form for entry into Nursery. This must be completed and returned to school along with your child’s birth certificate and a current utility bill, with proof of address.
  3. As places for 30 hours are limited, these will be dealt with in line with the nursery admissions policy.
  4. If you are offered and wish to secure a 30 hour place for September 2019, you will also need to apply to check your eligibility by Friday 24th May 2010 by using the guidance as detailed below.

Who will receive 30 hour free childcare?

The government has set out the eligibility criteria for this additional entitlement:

  • Both parents are working (or sole parent in a lone parent family) and each parent/carer earns on average:

a weekly minimum salary equivalent to 16 hours at national minimum wage (NMW) (for under 25 yr olds) or national living wage (NLW) (if over 25 yrs old), and

less than £100,000 per year


  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity, paternity or adoption leave or statutory sick pay, or
  • One parent is employed & the other parent has substantial caring responsibilities based on specific benefits received for caring, or
  • One parent is employed & one parent is disabled or incapacitated based on receipt of specific benefits.

Additional Information

  • You do not need to actually work 16 hours per week, but your earnings must equal at least 16 hours work at minimum wage / national living wage. This equates to a minimum income requirement for a parent/carer over the age of 25 of £115.20 a week, or for 21-24 year olds of £107.20 a week.
  • A parent/carer will be eligible if they expect (on average) to earn this amount over the coming three months: for example, for a parent/carer who is on a zero-hours contract, they will qualify if on average they work two weeks out of every three, and when they are working they get 25 hours of work at the minimum wage.
  • ‘Parent’ means a person who has parental responsibility for the child. In cases where a parent has remarried or is living with a partner, the step-parent or partner must also meet the earning threshold.
  • Foster carers are only eligible for the extended entitlement for their own children (if they meet the criteria); they are not eligible for children that they foster.

How can I check if I am eligible for the additional entitlement?

In the first instance, you can check whether you could be eligible for a range of government childcare offers, including 30 hours free childcare via Childcare Choices at or the Childcare Calculator at If you could be eligible for 30 hours and/or Tax- Free Childcare, you will be directed to the digital childcare service to apply.

Parents will not need to apply through the digital childcare service if they only want to claim the universal 15 hours entitlement for three and four year olds.

Please be reassured if you don’t want to use Tax-Free Childcare you should still apply via the digital childcare service to apply for the extended entitlement only. If you are receiving financial support through tax credits and only want to take up 30 hours, you can choose not to apply for Tax-Free Childcare (and keep your tax credits) as part of your application.

How do I apply for 30 hours if I am eligible?

As part of the application process, you will be asked to enter personal details including your name, address and National Insurance number and the same details for your partner (if you have one). You will also be asked whether you expect to meet the income requirements over the coming three months and whether you are in receipt of any relevant benefits. This information will help HMRC decide whether you (and your child) are eligible for 30 hours. Please note that only HMRC can decide if you (and your child) are eligible. At the start of the application process, you will create a Government Gateway account if you don’t already have one. If you encounter any problems with the application process or accessing the childcare account, you should direct your queries to the Childcare Service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097.

At the end of the application process, you will have a childcare service account. In the “secure messages” and “30 hours free childcare” section of your account, you will receive messages regarding your eligibility as well as your eligibility code (multiple births such as twins are issued an individual code for each child). If you are eligible for 30 hours, you will be given an 11 digit ‘eligibility code’ for your child. These codes normally start with ‘5000’. However, there are a small number of cases where parents might have a temporary code starting with ‘11’. Please note that these codes can only be issued by HMRC. School is not able to issue codes to parents.

You must then bring this code (along with your National Insurance number and child’s date of birth) to school to verify your eligibility, reserve your 30 hours place and discuss how you will take up the hours for your child. Without all of these details, we will not be able to offer you a 30 hour place.

You will be prompted every three months to reconfirm the details you entered on your application are still accurate. This is to check that you are still eligible. You will be prompted, via text message and/or email, four weeks before your reconfirmation deadline and again two weeks before the deadline if you still haven’t reconfirmed. If your circumstances have changed, you will log into your childcare service account, amend your details and then resubmit your details. If your circumstances have not changed, you only need to reconfirm their details.

Please note that if you miss the reconfirmation deadline, you will receive a message telling you that your eligibility has lapsed. You must contact school without delay if you receive such a message.

If you need assistance to apply (or you do not have access to the internet), you can call the Childcare Service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097 and apply over the phone. Parents that complete their original application over the phone will need to phone the Customer Interaction Centre to reconfirm their eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding our offer from September 2018 or for further details of how to apply to check eligibility, please contact the school office. 

Please note all places are subject to availability, date of birth and entitlement restrictions, see admission policy for more details.
This page will have the latest information on the 30 hours childcare - extended entitlement. All documents, information and presentations from events will be posted here.

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