Masked Reader 2024

World Book Day 2024!

Swimming is one of my favourite sports

I really enjoy walking my dog; I'm often seen

walking for miles!

I prefer rugby league to football.

Who am I?

I have one daughter.
My class name has five letters.
I love teaching history.
Who am I?
I have a dog.
I love going on long walks, weekends away and shopping.
I used to live in Barcelona.
Who am I?

I quite like a good breakfast.

I love to run.

I absolutely love to smile on a Friday.

Who am I?

I have a dog and a cat. 
I wear glasses.
My favourite book is Winnie the Pooh.
Who am I?

I have lots of siblings.

I have a dog called Murphy.

I like playing board games.

Who am I?

My hat is a clue.

I am already on to my 5th book this year so I love to read.

I love to get a Starbucks (and do most weekends).
Who am I?

I have a little girl, who is 2 years old.
My favourite subject is English.
My favourite times table is 6x6.
Who am I?
I am tall
I have brown hair
I am loud
Who am I?
The extract I am reading is from my favourite book series ever.
I have worked at Long Lee since 2017.
I have one child and one cat.
Who am I?
I have worked at Long Lee since 2015.
New York is the best place I have ever been. 
A new addition will be joining my family soon.
Who am I?
I sometimes wear glasses
I have taught in Year 1, Year 4 and Year 3
I had blonde hair, up until a few months ago! 
Who am I?
I like dogs.
I read everyday.
My favourite colour is pink.
Who am I?

I have a pet rabbit called Reggie.

I have hair the same colour as the main character from ‘Brave’.

I like eating biscuits.

Who am I?

I am really good at writing bumped head notes.

I love it when phonemes are pronounced perfectly.

When time is running out at lunchtime, you might hear me say, 'Keep chomping!'

Who am I?

I have two cats called Teddy and Coco.

I support Manchester City.

I love to read.

Who am I?


To be the best that we can be.

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