Science at Long Lee

At Long Lee, we aim to instill a love of science and growing curiosity in all children.  Science is taught through both discrete lessons and topic based learning, where we aim to give students opportunities to develop their scientific knowledge through exploration and questioning. The document below outlines the national expectations for subject coverage for each year group. 

Science Club

Mr Rees and Mrs Turner are running a Science club for years 4 and 5. See below to find out what we have been up to.

Week 1

This week we started Science club. Our first experiment involved making lava lamps. To do this we investigated how different layers of materials would react and what would happen if we mixed baking soda in. Here are some photos.

Week 2

This week we had a team challenge. We worked together to investigate which materials would make a strong tower. The challenge was to make the tallest, free-standing tower that could hold 5kg of weight. Well done to the winning team - Phoebe, Isla and Samuel!

Week 3

In Science club this week, we have experimented dissolving. We used skittles and tried hot and cold water to see which would work best. We found that when we added hot water to skittles they dissolved quicker. Look at the patterns we made!